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Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Dr. Sharifa Al Mahrizi

Medical Director

Dr. Sharifa Al Mahrizi, our Medical Director has been at the helm of AlReem Medical Center

Dr. Fikra Al Busaidi

OBGYN Specialist

OBGYN Specialist Dr. Fikra Al Busaidi, is an OBGYN Specialist in the division of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Al Reem…

Dr. Lama Jamil Haidar

OBGYN Medical Officer

Dr. Lama Jamil Haider is the OBGYN Medical Officer at Al Reem Medical Center. Her practice includes managing and

Dr. Lamya Al Kharousy

Senior Consultant OBGYN

Dr. Lamya Al Kharousy is our Senior Consultant OBGYN and also specializes in pelvic restoration and urogynecology.

Dr. Moza Al Salmani

Senior Consultant OBGYN

Our Senior Consultant OBGYN Dr. Moza Al Salmani was the Fetomaternal Head of the OBGYN department at the Royal Hospital,

Dr. Chitra Jha

Senior Consultant OBGYN

Dr. Chitra Jha is a Senior Consultant OBGYN at Al Reem Medical Center. After completing her medical studies at in…

Dr. Bernadette Punwoose

Senior Consultant OBGYN

Dr. Bernadette Punwoose is a Senior Consultant in the OBGYN department at AlReem Medical Center. Her expertise includes

Dr. Nadiya Al Harthy

Senior consultant Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Senior consultant Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dr. Nadiya Al Harthy is the senior consultant of Gastroenterology

Dr. Hanan Al Khalili

Senior Consultant Family Physician

Senior Consultant Family Physician Our Senior Consultant Family Physician, Dr. Hanan Al Khalil (MD, MRCGP I, DCH) has been part…

Dr Sherief A. Latif


Dr Sherief A.latif is a former Consultant Anesthetist at AlReem medical center He has a solid experience in Anesthetic field…

Dr. Alaa Mohammed Ahmed

Urology Specialist

Dr. Alaa Mohammed Ahmed is the Urology Specialist at AlReem Medical Center. After completing his at Tishreen University